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Who We Are: Your Trusted Managed Services Provider in Chicago

Micro-Tech U.S.A. is a Chicago-based IT company that has been providing technology services since 1989. We have not only grown through the tech bubble of the 1990s but used it to advance towards cloud computing.

Leveraging this experience, Micro-Tech U.S.A., one of the best managed IT services companies in Chicago, helps clients create a road map to success so they can navigate new and disruptive technologies with ease.

Micro-Tech U.S.A. believes that placing clients above all is what builds and creates the strongest partnership. Our focus is to advance partnerships beyond just IT support.

Why Businesses Choose Us for Managed IT Services in Chicago


Companies supported all over the USA


Years in business


Cloud network uptime guarantee

Explore the Various Types of IT Services We Offer in Chicago

Managed IT Services

Unlock seamless operations with our end-to-end IT support. Benefit from our pod-based service model for personalized service. With 24+ years in business, we're your reliable partner.

IT Support

Eliminate downtime and boost productivity with our dedicated technicians. We offer Tier 1 through 5 servicing, ensuring your IT issues are resolved efficiently.


Protect your assets and data with our comprehensive cybersecurity services. We have a strong focus on SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA, making us a leader in security and risk management.

IT Consulting

Drive business alignment and growth with our strategic IT consulting. With 100+ years of combined experience, we offer insights that are both actionable and tailored.

IT Helpdesk

Get real-time solutions any day of the week with our live help desk. We have a 99.9% guarantee that a human will answer the phone, providing immediate support.

Network Support

Ensure robust and reliable network performance. Our 23 IT technicians on staff are ready to assist you, making sure your network is always up and running.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Safeguard your critical data and ensure business continuity. Our cloud has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, meaning we’ll be able to restore your data no matter what.

Cloud Services

Embrace the future with our cloud-centric solutions. Migrate, monitor, and manage your cloud systems effortlessly with a cloud-first IT partner.

On-Site Support

Enhance your physical security with our on-site services, including CCTV and access control. Our comprehensive approach makes us a compelling choice for holistic security management.

Hear Directly From Our Clients About Our Managed Services in Chicago

“You might be able to pull it off a breakeven cost, but the reason we go with Micro-Tech U.S.A. is they have an unlimited technical capability – we will never find ourselves in a situation where they aren’t able to come in and advise us professionally and skillfully.”
Emmett Glynn
Senior Vice President and CFO of Clune Construction
Micro-Tech U.S.A. is a shop that can accomplish any task I can think of as far as networks and desktop computing is concerned. A lot of managers are worried about putting all their eggs in one basket. In this case I’m very happy to have one basket.
Susan Dwyer
Micro-Tech’s consultation is really strong. If we say we are thinking about where we want to go in the next six months. They’ll show up on short notice with some really good ideas – and that’s a valuable resource for us.
Paul Stieber
IT Manager, C4

Unlock Business Potential with Managed IT Services in Chicago

Chicago IT Services

All-in-One IT Services

Managing IT services often involves juggling multiple providers, which perfectly illustrates what managed IT services in Chicago are and their necessity. This common challenge hinders the smooth operation of many businesses.

To address this issue, Micro-Tech offers a unified IT service. Our comprehensive approach covers everything from equipment to strategy.

This ensures that all your IT needs in Chicago are met under one roof. This integration simplifies operations and enhances efficiency.

With our team, you gain streamlined IT management, free from the complexities of handling numerous contracts.

Cost-Effective IT Solutions

Traditional pricing structures often lead to unnecessary expenses as they fail to adapt to business growth. As a result, too many business owners end up paying much more than they should.

Micro-Tech, one of the top managed IT services companies, offers a flexible, per-agent, per-hour pricing structure. This approach allows you to optimize your IT expenditure, ensuring that as your user count increases, your per-user costs decrease.

We reinforce cost-effectiveness with our minimum user policy. This adaptable pricing strategy ensures that your IT investments align with your business goals and fosters sustainable growth.

IT Services Chicago

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Managed IT Services Chicago

Advanced Compliance
And Security Services

Handling security and risk mitigation is a crucial aspect of business operations that often require specialized expertise. It’s essential to have a reliable partner who can provide that.

Micro-Tech provides expert security and risk mitigation. Our services make it easy to comply with compliance standards, including:

Our cybersecurity solutions cover both digital and physical security measures. This approach fortifies your defenses and provides robust protection for all operations.

Efficient 24/7 Support Solutions

Accessing immediate help can be challenging when support around the clock. A responsive and accessible help desk is vital for timely assistance. Micro-Tech’s help desk is operational 24/7, so you receive swift support whenever required. We also use a personalized, pod-based service approach to avoid delays and repetitive explanations. We also pride ourselves on a high human response rate. This level of personal attention ensures you can rely on us for effective and efficient support. Spend less time arguing with a chatbot and more time getting real answers.
IT Managed Services Chicago

Micro-Tech USA

Chicago Managed IT Services Company

8 W Monroe St APT 424, Chicago, IL 60603, United States

Our Chicago-Based Leadership

Ethan Gillani

Chief Executive Officer

Ethan Gillani, focuses in Micro-Tech U.S.A.’s technology strategy and client technology integration.

Minaz Gillani

Chief Financial Officer

Minaz Gillani has served as Micro-Tech U.S.A.’s Chief Financial Officer for 14 years and has been a part of the team in other aspects prior.

Gain an IT Partner That Comes with over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Streamline Your IT Costs and Maximize Efficiency with Our 24+ Years of Expertise in Business Technology

Why choose Micro-Tech USA for managed IT services in Chicago?

  • Safeguard your critical data with cybersecurity services adhering to SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA compliances
  • Get sudden IT problems solved fast with helpdesk services exclusively staffed by live agents
  • Receive tailored strategic insights with our vCIO services, informed by 100+ years of combined experience
  • Lower annual IT costs through our customizable, scalable pricing models, ideal for fluctuating IT needs
  • Gain focused attention on your IT via a pod-based service model so you always talk to the same experts

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FAQs About Our Managed IT Services in Chicago

Simplify your financial processes with our integrated service platform. Enjoy the simplicity of a single invoice and the flexibility of our per-agent, per-hour pricing that scales with your business.

Look beyond mere cost cuts to efficiency gains. With one vendor, you eliminate the hassle of multiple bills and negotiations, allowing your team to focus on growth strategies.

Certainly. With our rigorous adherence to SOC 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA standards, your data’s security is assured in our reliable cloud infrastructure, backed by a 99.9% uptime commitment.

Enjoy the confidence that comes with our comprehensive compliance and cybersecurity offerings. Our spectrum of security services, from digital to physical, ensures you can concentrate on your core operations.

Access instant support any day with our live help desk, where a real person answers 99.9% of calls.

Forget the frustration of automated systems or delayed callbacks. We honor the importance of your time with our commitment to immediate, human help, reflecting our dedication to not just service but respect.

Indeed. Benefit from scalability that matches your business’s evolution. As your enterprise expands, enjoy the financial advantage of reduced per-user costs.

Our pricing structure is designed to flex with your growth, ensuring your partnership with us is as dynamic as your business, fostering not just savings but also operational adaptability.

Experience the advantage of our pod-based service model. You’ll talk to the same technicians each time, making your support experience efficient and personalized.

Say goodbye to the frustration of re-explaining your issues to a new technician every time you call. Our pod-based model ensures continuity and a personalized touch, making each interaction feel like a continuation, not a repetition.